Important Terms All Slot Players Need To Learn

  • Bonus Game

These are often found on video and online slot machines. Certain symbols can trigger special rounds which give players the opportunity to win more money or extra spins. There are many different variations. The nature of the bonus game depends on the specific machine and is usually based around a theme.

  • Paylines

These are lines that are present across the reels of the machine. The symbols that land on these after a spin will determine if the player wins or loses. Most machines will have multiple paylines which will run diagonally, vertically and horizontally. Online and video slot machines may even have zigzag paylines.

  • Payout

This is the amount of money the player will win after a successful spin, as well as after a winning bonus game. The amount will vary depending on the order in which order the symbols line up.

  • Reels

These are the rotating wheels which will spin during the game. The reels are covered in symbols. The order of these will determine the player’s payout. There are usually three or more of these reels on standard slot machines. A random number generator will be the factor over when the reels will stop spinning.

  • Scatters

These are symbols that will always give a player a winning payout if they land on a reel. This will occur even if they are not on a payline. They will often be used to trigger both a bonus game and a jackpot event.

  • Symbols

These are the images seen on the reels of the slot machine. They will vary from each machine and will often be based on the theme. Where these symbols will land determines if the player wins or not. They will also determine how big the payout will be.