What Is A Sticky Casino Bonus?

This is a bonus that the player can bet but which the amount can not actually be withdrawn. This is in comparison to normal or “non-sticky” bonuses which can be withdrawn. Some players prefer non-sticky as it allows them the safety of being able to keep not just what they win but also what they have left of their deposit.

You may ask yourself “so why should I choose a sticky bonus?” the answer is that it offers a much higher percentage over the player’s initial deposit than non-sticky. It is this high amount that makes it so attractive to high rollers. Because you are given such a significant start up game it allows you to improve your play even when your initial deposit was fairly small.

A sticky bonus will match the player’s deposit by 200% – 400%. This increases a player’s chances of big wins which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular casino bonus. However, the player must have quite a large bankroll to begin with if they hope to profit. They must also be a good player, otherwise they will risk losing much more money than they perceive to earn.

Not keeping track of the profit and loss margins in between games is a mistake that must not be made when receiving a sticky bonus. Casinos recognise how many players make this mistake and it is the reason they risk giving them such high percentages against their initial deposits.

A sticky bonus will usually be removed from the players account once they make a withdrawal. It is often only at this moment that they realise they have actually made a loss. For this reason it is important to be diligent with numbers while playing slots and other games. This will prevent any potential upset.